Some Of The Better Convertible Child Seat Options For Overwhelmed Parents


Every little trip in the car has the potential for danger. A quick ride to pick up groceries can have dire consequences which is why the requirement for a car seat is the law in every state. We have to proactive in our protection of our young ones and use a quality safety seat that is capable of keeping them secure in various crash scenarios.

Convertible car seats are widely popular today as they let parents use one seat that can adapt to their child as they grow. You can use facing backwards for younger babies and when they get too big for that position you can simply turn the seat around to face forward and use it this way until they are big enough to either get a booster seat or use your car’s own seat belt.

With so many options it may seem like an impossible task to find the right car seat for your kid, your budget, or your vehicle size. Luckily, the technology, features, and convenience of today’s child safety seats has advanced to the point where finding the perfect seat for your family is easier than you think.

The most logical place to start is finding current reviews of the best car seats to learn which brands parents trust the most. Reviews from the experts at Consumer Reports or Great Plains Examiner should help shed some light for parents just beginning their quest for a new convertible child seat. Below are just some examples of top rated options that will provide the comfort and safety that your little one deserves.

Top Parent Rated Convertible Car Seats

There are a number of brand names that have an excellent reputation of making both comfortable and safe car seats that your children will enjoy riding in. Some of these include Graco, Chicco, Britax, and Evenflo. These are just a few of the names to keep an eye out for why you are researching. The key when shopping is to buy a new seat from a reputable store or dealer. This will ensure that you are getting a certified and tested model.

Graco Safety Seats

Graco has a terrific line of products geared for children and their car seats or some of the highest rated budget options available for parents. Paying less does not always mean that you have to sacrifice on safety performance as Graco demonstrates. Their Nautilus and My Ride models are great choices but their Size4Me line of seats really shines with parents. With side impact protection, easy to use harness system, and InRight LATCH system are features that parents really love.

Not only are these seats safe, but they are also well received by kids who enjoy going for a ride in them. Its lightweight design also makes it a perfect option for using in multiple family cars. You will not have to strain to move it back and forth between different vehicles. The Size4Me is a little pricier than their other models, but this Graco convertible seat is worth it for a number of families. They also have a great car seat installation video section to help you make sure that you are using their seats properly.

Britax Convertible Car Seats

This is another company that is renowned for the quality of their safety seats. They produce exceptional convertible, infant, and booster car seats that meet or exceed all safety standards. While their line of convertible car seats may cost a little more, their quality is second to none. The Marathon, Boulevard, Advocate, and Roundabout are all fantastic options for parents looking for one of the top convertible car seats on the market.

All their seats or designed for safety first, but they are also made to extremely comfortable for your little one. They come in different eye catching designs as well. The higher end models do come with some extra safety engineering, but all of them would be a wise investment as they all come with Britax’s SafeCell technology that provides superior protection for kids from all types of crash forces and flying debris.

EvenFlo Budget Car Seats

If money is a primary concern then getting one of the EvenFlo models is a great alternative. These are more affordable than both Graco and Britax, but the do not skimp on safety. Their convertible car seats meet or pass safety regulations, but where they may not measure up to other brands is in comfort. Still, for parents on a tight budget, one of these convertible car seats will provide protection for you child while driving and hopefully ease some of your worry.

Chicco Seats

While Chicco is primarily known for making one of the best infant car seats, they also make highly rated convertible safety seats that are worth considering. Similar to Britax in both price and performance, Chicco models have gotten excellent reviews from owners. Supreme protection, high grade materials for comfort, and ease of use are aspects that parents appreciate about these seats.

If you can afford to get one of these then you will not be disappointed. They are also quite durable which is important for convertible car seats since they are designed to be use for a few years.

Quick Tips and Buying Guide

– The best advice when purchasing a new car seat is to pick a name brand that has years of experience and testing.

– Buy from stores that you can trust. Reputable stores get their products from trustworthy sources.

– Read reviews and get advice from parents that have experience with different model seats.

– Never buy a car seat second hand. Used seats may be defected, may have been in a crash, or they may be past their expiration date.

– Learn how to use the seat properly. Most manufactures have extensive manuals or online videos to help you install the seat securely which is vital to proper operation.

Child restraint seats save lives and convertible car seats are an investment in your child’s safety and future. No matter which seat you end up getting, making sure that you are using it properly, making sure it is secured, the harness is in the right position, and the seat is facing the correct way are all areas which need your attention. Do all of this will help give your angel the best chance to escape serious injury in the event of a crash. Accidents happen, but being proactive can go a long way to help mitigate unforeseen collisions.