Avoiding Common Car Seat Shopping Pitfalls

Buying a car seat for your child for the first time is something that can cause parents many sleepless nights. After all, this piece of equipment is going to be responsible for keeping you precious little angels safe while battling the obstacles of the road. With a little due diligence, it should be a piece of cake to find something that you will be comfortable letting your child ride in no matter how small of a budget that you may have. Here are a few tips to make the process easier and should help you avoid some of the more common mistakes that some parents make.

Selecting The Right Type Of Seat

There are many choice available when it comes to getting a safety seat for your family. Knowing the difference between, infant, convertible, and booster seats is imperative at the start of the process. Infant seats, for instance have a narrow weight limit recommendation and children quickly outgrow them. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then purchasing a convertible seat is going to make a lot more fiscal sense since you can use this type of seat for longer. You will only have to buy one seat instead of a couple of different ones in the first few years.

Proper Fitting and Installation

No matter how well the car seat you end up getting is made it will not protect your child to its maximum potential if it is not properly used. In fact, it may even pose its own dangers that can harm your child. Installing and make sure the straps on the harness are in the correct positions and fit properly is crucial. Most manufactures have detailed owner’s manuals and have videos on their websites that will help you make sure that you are securely fastening the seat in your vehicle and what the right strap positions are. There are even certified technicians that you may find locally that can give you a run down and show you first hand how to install your seat.

Not Using A Booster Seat

Adult seat belt cannot be used for children because it will cross the body of the children at the wrong places like high up across the shoulder or high up on the belly or across the neck. When children become uncomfortable, they move the shoulder belt behind them and during a crash; incorrect seat belts can sustain serious spinal injuries and internal-organ damage.

Children weighing between 40 and 80 pounds and having height around 4’9″ should ride in a booster seat because it lifts the child up to make the seat belt fit properly.

Buying Used

This is something that all parents should resist. Sure you may save a few dollars but you don’t know where that seat has been or if it has been in a previous accident. If a seat has been in a crash, even if it looks visibly unscathed, it still could have been structurally damaged and can compromised the safety of its passenger. This is why after a collision, child seats should be replaced. This is the danger you risk when you go after something that is used. You should always buy a brand new seat from a store that you can trust in order to avoid this scenario.

Nobody likes to risk the safety of their children because they are the most valuable gifts. When you are dealing with the safety of your children, you should be extremely vigilant and careful and, adequate precautions should be taken while installing and maintaining car seats for your child. With a little research, using a child seat that you have confidence every day will become second nature.

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